Updating your personal details

Updating Details

If you need to update your address or change your communication preferences (the email newsletters you receive from us), click the Update details button on the left side of the ‘personal details’ section on your dashboard. 


Leading you to the Personal Details and Preferences page. 



After changing your details, press the Save button, leading you back to the dashboard. 


Changing your name


If you need us to amend your name on our records, please contact the Eco Church team via our contact form and select the ‘Updating my personal details’ option under the ‘Area you need help with’ field. 



Changing Password 

If you want to change your password, click the Change password button on the right side in the ‘Personal details’ section. 


To change your password, type in your current password, then enter and confirm your new one. Click the Save button, which will lead you back to the dashboard. 



Changing your email address

You can update your email address by clicking Change password under the ‘Your details’ section on your Eco Church dashboard.


Under the email field, delete your current email address, and replace it with your new email address. Click save.


Your account will then be updated to your new email address, and your previous password will still work with your new email address. However, we recommend updating your password too.